Program Description
In this interdisciplinary art program students will be introduced to both Oregon’s unique geologic history as well as simple color theory. Each student artist will paint a color wheel and then learn about common and important color schemes used in fine art. Then through story telling and imagery students will learn and discuss some of Oregon’s geologic gems including the formation of the Willamette Valley, Crater Lake and our beautiful Cascade Volcanoes. For additional inspiration and to inform the mural making process, students artists will also learn of and view imagery from at least three very famous contemporary pop/street artists.

Final Product
The final product will be a uniquely designed mural created by students and artists. The mural design will be based around school requests and specific needs.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to identify and name, primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors.
  • Students will be able to identify and use color schemes such as warm and cool color schemes, complementary, and analogous.
  • Students learn specific geologic language, such as stratovolcano, caldera, cinder cone.
  • Students will hear and learn a brief story of the Missoula floods then name and identify the willamette valley and river on a map.
  • Students will help design and build a composition that is then illustrated and formed on a large scale.

Suggested Grades

  • Appropriate for all grade levels.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Minimum/recommended # of visits + time per visit (est. cost per classroom): Minimum of 4 visits at 45 minutes each.
  • Prep hours (est. cost per classroom/hours of instruction)
  • Materials (est. cost per student/project): Approx. $1.50 per student for paint and clay, however, the price will be adjusted to specific mural needs according to size and medium.
  • Travel (from the city center of artist): Eugene, Oregon