Program Description
While focusing on watercolor and the use and practice of symbolism, the purpose of this program is to introduce a wide variety of art materials and mediums through simple techniques that will allow students to creatively and playfully practice self expression through imagery and within the context of identity exploration. With guidance from the instructor, students will engage in thoughtful conversations around identity, highlighting the strengths, positive attributes the importance of individualism and the power of togetherness.

Final Product
Each student will create their own unique symbolic self portrait the will composed of watercolor, crayon, colored pencil, marker and magazine collage. the image and composition will be specific to each student as it is artist choice, but will represent a happy place, strength positive characteristic and important belief of the student.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to define terms such as identity, symbolism, and expression.
  • Students will demonstrate their thought process regarding identity as a visual graphic organizer.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate 3-5 types of art mediums as well as new artistic techniques
  • Students will be able to creatively express multiple aspects of their identity through mixed media visual expression and create a self-portrait
  • Students will engage in both and informal critique of art and empathetic discussion around self and group identity.

Suggested Grades

  • Appropriate for all grade levels.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Minimum/recommended # of visits + time per visit (est. cost per classroom)
  • Prep hours (est. cost per classroom/hours of instruction)
  • Materials (est. cost per student/project): $1.00 per student
  • Travel (from Eugene)