Project Description

During this residency, students will experience a hands-on journey where they travel from the digital age back in time to create one of a kind analog photographs. In the process, students will explore the history and fundamentals of photography. Students will begin by capturing and editing images on their Ipads. They will then learn how to invert these images to monochromatic negatives. Each student’s edited image will be printed onto transparency paper before they use UV light to expose a contact print of their image onto sensitized Cyanotype paper.  Students will be amazed to see how their images are transformed as they develop in a solution of water and hydrogen peroxide.

Final Product

Each student will create their own original Cyanotype print, created from an image they have taken and manipulated digitally.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will be able to understand and explain how photographs are captured.
  • Students will comprehend how aperture and shutter speed control image and exposure capture.
  • Students will learn the process of editing and inverting images to negatives digitally.
  • Students will learn how to develop their own Cyanotype photographs by using ultraviolet light.

Suggested Grades

  • Suited for all grade levels

Pricing Breakdown

  • 4 sessions at 45 minutes each
  • Prep hours: 5 hour per class
  • Materials: $4.00 per student for 1 project
  • Travel from Portland

**4j schools choosing this residency through the ArtSpark program will be required to pay a portion of the material fees, prep hours, and mileage reimbursement**

Residency Requirements

  • This residency requires students to have access to iPads, which will be used to capture and edit their initial digital image.
  • This residency works best when artist can be situated in one stationary room.
  • Due to travel considerations, this residency is only available for settings where it will be offered to 5 or more classrooms.

“I have a passion for both keeping analog photographic processes alive, and teaching Cyanotype to students in a lively empowering way that leads towards excited engagement, collaboration, creative expression, and building confidence.
As a child my deepest impacts were through the creative experiences I had through artists residencies. It inspired me to be an artist, and gave me confidence living outside the “box”.
It’s my greatest honor to contribute to evolving and enriching the alternative photographic programs we provide students in the deepest way possible!”
— Anna Hoye

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