Program Description
Jose’s teaching is based on strong technique and he makes the learning process enjoyable with his great sense of humor. His goal is to share his passion for Latin music and dance with the local community. While learning the steps and rhythms of salsa, students also build a strong self-esteem and learn individuality and how to treat others with respect. Jose says, “They will not only learn how to dance, but will learn how to socialize, communicate with others and become a confident adult. No matter where they are from, even if they don’t speak the same language, they make friends all around the world when they dance salsa.”

Final Product
Jose offers Latin dance and rhythm instruction. Students learn the basic steps and rhythms for styles including salsa, merengue, cha cha cha, bachata, cumbia, and Cuban salsa. In the process, students also learn interpersonal skills and learn about Latin cultures.

Learning Outcomes

  • Help students create, present or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling using essential elements or organizational principles.
  • Teach students ways in which the arts serve a variety of personal, professional, practical, economic, community and cultural needs.
  • Help students compare and contrast past and present situations, people and events in neighborhoods and communities.
  • Demonstrate the skills and dispositions needed to be a critical consumer of information.
  • Help students evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.
  • Help students reason with shapes and their attributes.

Suggested Grades

  • Appropriate for all grade levels.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Minimum/recommended # of visits + time per visit (est. cost per classroom): Minimum of 4 visits at 45 minutes each
  • Prep hours (est. cost per classroom/hours of instruction)
  • Materials (est. cost per student/project):
  • Travel (from Eugene)