Professional motivational speaker, Kemy Joseph, provides highly interactive and inspirational presentations focused on empowering students to embrace the power of their voices. Students will learn how to use public speaking as a vehicle for motivating people to reach greater success and hip-hop music as a catalyst for pro social change.

Arts in Academic Standards

  • Help students explore the meaning and usage of words to strengthen their communication skills
  • Teach students how to turn their adversities into stories of resiliency that can motivate them and their peers to overcome even the most difficult challenges
  • Teach students ways in which the arts serve a variety of personal, professional, practical, economic, community and cultural needs
  • Models and provides opportunities for students to practice group facilitation skills
  • Gives space for students to engage in informed and respectful discussion of issues, events and ideas
  • Help students develop and strengthen their writing skills by planning, revising, editing, rewriting or trying a new approach to speeches/songwriting


Kemy offers an apprenticeship that explores the ins and outs of creating a successful career as a motivational speaker/hip-hop performer.

Assembly Performance

Kemy uses a unique combination of music, group interaction and inspiring stories to create a once-in-a-lifetime empowering experience audiences never forget! Best for grades 6-12.

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One Time Workshops

Unleashing Your Flow: (8-12) A crash course in using hip-hop freestyle and improv techniques to tap into our creativity. Students will also learn about the importance of creating supportive environments for true self-expression.

So You Want to Be a Public Speaker? (8-12) An introductory course to public speaking focused on overcoming anxiety and using our words wisely. Students will learn the basics of speech structure and developing a captivating stage presence.

Hip-Hop Activism: (8-12) A course on transforming frustration and injustice into songs that inspire prosocial change. Students will also learn positive coping techniques to increase their resiliency.

Advance Public Speaking: (8-12) An intermediate course focused learning to share our stories in the most powerful and impactful ways. Students will learn more advanced speaking techniques to create incredible performances.

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