Project Description

Melanie Heard teaches hands on movement and improvisational activities with a focus on dance & theatre arts. Students will be able to understand the ways that the human body moves to music, and recognize/attempt to execute several basic dance steps. Students will play improvisational and theatre arts skill building games, which will benefit them in all walks of life. They will cooperate and work as a team, as needed, to complete activities and they will develop individual creative talents through the disciplines of dance & theatre. Melanie believes that Theatre and Dance are vital components of public education, and help teach kids to have a greater sense of confidence and self esteem, as well as building  inter-personal communication skills and an understanding that anything is possible with enough hard work, focus, and dedication.

Arts and Academic Standards

  • Help students explore and describe the use of ideas, techniques and problem solving in the creative process.
  • Help students create, present or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling using essential elements or organizational principles
  • Give space for students to engage in informed and respectful discussion of issues, events and ideas
  • Demonstrate the skills and dispositions needed to be a critical consumer of information
  • Demonstrate a different way to represent and interpret data
  • Explain the reasons why similar investigations may have different results

Artist Residency Plan

For Melanie’s first three visits, students will learn about characterization, physicality, choreography, improvisation, back-Story, plus a variety of dance movement terms such as Plie, Releve, Kick Ball Change, Pivot, etc. Teachers can continue to rehearse dance and play improve games as appropriate. Melanie’s final visit will include a Final Performance which will showcase dance routines learned by the various grade levels, as well as provide an example of some of the improvisational games that were played in the vari