The Blues in the Schools program offers a fun, interactive introduction to the blues. We put instruments in the hands of students and teach them the basics of how to participate in the making of music.

 Arts & Academic Standards
  • Help students explore and describe the use of ideas, techniques and problem solving in the creative process
  • Help students create, present or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling using essential elements or organizational principles
  • Allow students ample opportunities to respond to works of art and give reasons for preferences using new arts/culture terminology
  • Help students examine how a work of art reflects an artist’s environment and personal experience within a society or culture
  • Teach students ways in which the arts serve a variety of personal, professional, practical, economic, community and cultural needs

We begin with a broad overview of American Roots music as it relates to history and modern times then give students a hands on introduction to the instruments while teaching basic playing techniques. The residency ends with a group of students playing together in a band setting.

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