Project Description

Through this residency, students will follow their curiosity about local biology while learning the basic skills for scientific drawing: observation, sketching and labeling. Emphasis will be on observation instead of accuracy. Sessions one and two focus on building confidence and curiosity as students explore and draw items found around the school, while sessions three and four offer students the opportunity to share their knowledge of life cycles (ideally bridging content from class curriculum).

Final Product

Students will create multiple individual observational drawings and one collaborative illustration demonstrating their knowledge of the salmon life cycle (or another natural cycle/habitat being explored in the classroom).

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the role of biological illustrators and scientific sketching.
  • Students will be able to focus on a single piece of flora or fauna and make note of its size, shape and texture.
  • Students will work together to illustrate their knowledge of life cycle stages and salmon (or other animal) habitat.
  • Students will have gained experience recording observations in their notebooks.

Suggested Grades