Students go through group exercises on team building, playful choreography and exercising while having fun!

Tara Burke offers participatory assembly performances that explore the dynamics of hoopdance.  Students will  have the opportunity to explore the foundations of hoop performance that vary from dancer to circus artist, as well as the opportunity to create, present and perform hoopdance! As a seasoned performer, Tara will teach basic choreography and routines for students to perform for friends and family. Through this exploration of movement and energetic exercise, she provides students with the opportunity to create confidence in a specialized skill and have fun honing their skills through performance and play.

Arts and Academic Standards

  • Help students explore and describe the use of ideas, techniques and problem solving in  the creative process.
  • Help students create, present or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling using essential elements or organizational principles.
  • Help students compare and contrast past and present situations, people and events in neighborhoods and communities.
  • Demonstrate the skills and dispositions needed to be a critical consumer of information.
  • Explain the reasons why similar investigations may have different results.
  • Help students reason with shapes and their attributes.

Watch this short video on Tara: