Cartoonist Teri Robertson will guide students of all ages through the fun, exciting world of cartooning. Students will learn how to identify the underlying geometry of forms and figures and how to construct cartoon images by assembling basic shapes. Classes will experiment with caricature, expression, exaggeration, anthropomorphism, narrative, perspective, proportion, shading, and sequence. Students will learn how to generate and refine ideas based on their imagination and personal experience to create cartoon art.

Arts and Academic Standards

  • Help students create, present or perform a work of art that demonstrates an idea, mood or feeling using essential elements or organizational principles
  • Help students examine how a work of art reflects an artist’s environment and personal experience within a society or culture
  • Give space for students to engage in informed and respectful discussion of issues, events and ideas
  • Demonstrate the skills and dispositions needed to be a critical consumer of information
  • Help students reason with shapes and their attributes
  • Help students evaluate competing design solutions using a systematic process to determine how well they meet the criteria and constraints of the problem

Teri welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with school staff to align cartooning lessons to classroom curriculum. “Cartoon art can make any subject really come alive,” said Teri. “I’ve had a wonderful time working with teachers to design lessons around different learning units. Cartooning has a clear connection to language arts and storytelling, for example, but it can also be used to enrich student understanding of geometry, life sciences, social studies, and more.”

Teri’s classes are accessible to all age groups. While Kindergarteners might work on simple-shapes cartoon faces, upper grades are free to explore topics like staging, layout, emphasis, humor, and the persuasive power of political cartoons. The comics are a uniquely American art form, with roots that extend all the way back to the revolution. Cartooning is a perfect example of how art is interconnected with the personal narrative of our history, culture, and society.

See Teri’s work in action HERE