Creative Sector Strategy

The Creative Sector Strategy group is made up of representatives of the arts community across disciplines, facilitated by Lane Arts Council, ArtCity, and Lane Workforce Partnership.

We hope to work with Lane County community stakeholders, including artists, arts groups and organizations, educators, media, businesses and government agencies to strengthen and grow our creative sector.

In doing so, we hope to increase prosperity, vitality, inclusivity and connection across all sectors through the arts; establishing our region as a thriving community with an elevated quality of life for all who live and visit here.

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Arts in Abundance, New Directions, New Perspectives with the Creative Sector Strategy Group (Eugene Magazine, January 2021)

Our Vision

  1. Increased prosperity and success for local artists, arts groups, arts businesses and businesses that support artists
  2. A culture of health and vitality for our community (in Lane County)  through arts education and exploration
  3. A Defined local identity through expanded opportunities, events and platforms for arts experiences that tell the story of who we are and what we value
  4. Connected and supported neighbors via building a hub for local creative talents to be shared and expressed across all artistic disciplines
  5. A represented voice of the arts in conversations and interactions with other sectors and stakeholders

Outcomes and Strategies

  • Build a community and network of artists across creative disciplines
    • Facebook groups and networking events for artists
  • Raise up the perception and value of local arts in our community
    • Arts Media Campaign
  • Improve income and opportunities for local artists
  • Promote professional development for local artists and stronger arts businesses
  • Collect data on the arts sector

Current Initiatives

Get Involved!

We are continuously growing our team of committed artists, business-people, and other arts professionals. If you would like to be a part of this Creative Sector Strategy work, please contact Becca Schaefer at