Project Description

Program Description
Expressionism is the use of color, exaggeration, and distortion to convey an emotion, a feeling, a mood. Using vivid color we will create a mural that can either be movable or permanent. I will work with the staff to form an idea about the subject matter. Some possible themes may be arts integration, school community, local community, school rules, wellness encouragement, uplifting quotes and imagery, and positive environmental relationships. I will then create a design that will be transferred to the canvas, panels, or the wall using basic line. After some fun practice painting students will then use their newly acquired painting skills to create a vibrant, expressionist mural for their school. Depending on design, some mixed media additions may be included as well.

Final Product
A long lasting mural to brighten the school for years to come. Special Note: For schools seeking a permanent mural, the artist will work with all participating classrooms to work on one single mural. For schools interested in movable murals, these works of art will be completed on large canvases. The artist can work with 1-3 grade levels per mural based on the number of participating classrooms and schedule.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will work together to make one large piece of art for their school, helping form pride in themselves, their school, and their school community.
  • Students will learn what Expressionism is and see some historical examples of expressionist artists as well as a better, more well rounded understanding of the chosen subject matter.
  • Students will learn and practice a variety of painting techniques such as blending and texture making.
  • Students will learn about color including color theory, mixing, temperature, connotations, and value.
  • Students will use