Professional visual and performing artists bring unique educational arts programming to your school for extended residences with multiple classrooms lasting up to several weeks. Students learn new skills and methods of expression, develop creative thinking and self confidence, and gain career insights. Quality arts instruction provides young people with holistic learning experiences that engage minds, hearts and bodies.

Lane Arts Council provides arts education programming based on Common Core and State Art Standards.

One week of artist residency provides four learning sessions per day, over five days (20 hours). A typical artist residency is two weeks (40 hours).

Explore our Directory of Teaching Artists to read more about our specific teaching artists and residency programs, or request an artist hereTo schedule a residency, contact Eric Braman, Arts Education Program Coordinator at or 541-485-2278

Select a teaching artist from five residency categories:


Visual & Craft Arts

Lane Arts Council’s visual arts residencies expose students to new and diverse materials, a wide variety of art forms, and ways of making that strengthen their ability to communicate ideas, concepts, and personal identity. The visual arts provide a creative container in which students generate unique creations that are completely their own. Programs range from ceramics and w