Professional visual and performing artists bring unique educational arts programming to your school for extended residences with multiple classrooms lasting up to several weeks. Students learn new skills and methods of expression, develop creative thinking and self confidence, and gain career insights. Quality arts instruction provides young people with holistic learning experiences that engage minds, hearts and bodies.

Lane Arts Council provides arts education programming based on Common Core and State Art Standards.

One week of artist residency provides four learning sessions per day, over five days (20 hours). A typical artist residency is two weeks (40 hours).

*Teaching Artists will be vaccinated for Covid-19 and prepared to follow district health and safety protocols.

Explore our directory of residency options to read about all of our teaching artists and residency programs, or request an artist hereTo schedule a residency, contact Ben Minnis, Arts Education Program Coordinator at or 541-485-2278

Select a teaching artist from six residency categories:

Visual & Craft Arts

Lane Arts Council’s visual arts residencies expose students to new and diverse materials, a wide variety of art forms, and ways of making that strengthen their ability to communicate ideas, concepts, and personal identity. The visual arts provide a creative container in which students generate unique creations that are completely their own. Programs range from ceramics and watercolor to cartooning, large-scale mural paintings and much more. Select an artist

Dance & Theatre Arts

Students learn to express and communicate with their bodies and voices. Dance not only awakens and focuses students, it also intersects with math and science concepts in a way that connects for kinesthetic learners. Through theatre, students build confidence and strengthen writing and public speaking skills. Teamwork becomes an essential foundation during improvisation or collaborative choreography. Select an artist

Musical Arts

Music provides young people an opportunity for expression that actively engages both mind and body. Requiring practice and patience, learning music inspires confidence. Music also supports student learning by igniting the part of our brain responsible for information gathering and memory retention. Our music offerings range from learning fiddle or Latin music to crafting and playing ceramic flutes. Select an artist

STEM + Arts

Students learn math, science, and engineering concepts more deeply when they explore them in creative ways. Our STEM + Arts residencies unite subjects with artistic expression. Whether it is learning life science through watercolor, technology through storytelling, or fractions through dance, these residencies will engage students and inspire teachers. Select an artist

Cultural Arts

Artists from cultures around the world have artistic traditions that enrich our community through diversity of thought and perspective. Our cultural arts residencies are a great way to build empathetic, active and engaged classrooms. We bring residency programs such as West African dance, Latin American sculpture or Louisiana fiddle into the classroom to understand the importance of diversity and tradition. Select an artist

Literary Arts

Writing gives students a unique way to explore empathy and creativity while telling their own stories. These residencies work well with many different curricula and learning goals, but still provide individualized self-expression. With our literary artists, students can explore making graphic novels, telling myths, sharing scary stories, crating poems, writing songs, plays, and short films, and much more. Select an artist

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