Thanks to the support of friends and donors like you, Lane Arts Council has been a cornerstone of our local arts community for almost five decades. We are the only nonprofit arts service organization supporting arts and culture at our scope and scale countywide, and one of the first to provide in-school arts education programs in Oregon. Our work is centered around the following commitments:

  • Creating arts learning opportunities for young people
  • Connecting communities with accessible arts experiences
  • Empowering artists, performers, and cultural producers
  • Amplifying and advocating for the arts 

By making a contribution to Lane Arts Council, you are investing in the arts for all.


One-Time Donation

Every dollar counts when it comes to supporting the arts. Consider making a one-time donation to Lane Arts Council today. Your generous contribution will help us fund various art programs, educational initiatives, and events that enrich the lives of both residents and visitors.

  • Donate by credit or debit card using our secure giving portal. Click here to donate now.
  • Or send a check to Lane Arts Council, 174 E. 16th Avenue, Eugene, OR 97401

Monthly Giving

Join our community of committed donors by signing up for monthly giving. A small contribution each month can have a lasting impact on the arts community in Lane County. Your recurring donation will ensure that we can continue to support local artists, provide arts education, and advocate for a vibrant arts culture.

  • Click here to create your recurring gift today. Under select donation frequency select Monthly Giving.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Businesses and organizations can align themselves with Lane Arts Council’s mission by becoming a sponsor. Sponsorship allows you to support specific programs, events, or initiatives that resonate with your values and brand such as First Friday ArtWalk, Fiesta Cultural, or Artist Workshops and ArtTalks. In return, we offer various benefits, such as visibility, marketing opportunities, and the chance to showcase your commitment to the arts.

Estate Planning

Leaving a legacy is a powerful way to support the arts for generations to come. Consider including Lane Arts Council in your estate planning. By allocating a percentage of your estate or designating us as a beneficiary, you create a lasting impact and ensure that the arts remain a vibrant and integral part of our community.

  • Contact Executive Director Stacey Ray to discuss Lane Arts Council as part of your estate planning.

Workplace Giving

Many companies offer workplace giving programs. Your employer may be willing to match your donation to Lane Arts Council or allow you to contribute to a cause directly from your paycheck. Check with your employer to see if they have a workplace giving program. It’s an easy and convenient way to support the arts year-round.

Donate today and help us nurture the arts, inspire creativity, and foster a vibrant cultural landscape in Lane County. Together, we can make a difference!


Oregonians who donate to cultural organizations have a unique opportunity to double their impact for free with the Cultural Tax Credit. That’s right–you get your entire matching donation to the Cultural Trust back. Here’s how it works:

  1. Total your gifts to qualifying cultural nonprofits (including Lane Arts Council) to which you donated this year.
  2. Give the same amount to the Cultural Trust by Dec 31st.
  3. Claim the amount donated to the Cultural Trust as a tax credit when you file your taxes.

Learn more about the Oregon Cultural Trust here!