Creative Link strives to provide educators with accessible tools that build confidence, engage the creative process, and empower students to think in innovative and meaningful ways.

The Creative Link program provides:

  • 22 weeks of professional development and instructional support for teachers.
  • curriculum that teaches essential life skills to students.
  • a personalized programmatic experience for participating teachers based on need and interest.
  • project-based learning that unites core curriculum with an artistic mindset.
  • effective strategies for engaging, supporting, and empowering life skills classrooms and students.
  • creative teaching strategies for long-term sustainable student learning and growth.

Through incorporation of the Studio Habits of Mind (SHoM) and project-based learning, this program offers Lane County public schools an opportunity to engage their students in hands-on creative work while meeting core-curricula goals and criteria. No two Creative Link classrooms look quite the same. Lane Arts Council carefully selects and matches schools with qualified teaching artists skilled in a diversity of art forms and ready to collaborate.

The common framework for this program is the Studio Habits of Mind, which have been found to impact students learning, capacity, and awareness dramatically. The eight Studio Habits of Mind include: Observe, Develop, Envision, Express, Reflect, Stretch & Explore, Engage & Persist, and Understand the World.

Learn more about the Studio Habits of Mind and how we use this tool in the Creative Link program.

Meet Our Current Teaching Artists

Amy Albrecht

Amy Albrecht is a painter and mixed media artist as well as an arts educator living and working in Eugene, Oregon. While she is deeply interested in the human condition her artwork often focuses on the connection between people, society and the natural world. In recent years Amy has concentrated her imagery on Pacific Northwest scenes as she is inspired by her own experience and adventures out in the mountains around Oregon. Both as a student and teacher who has always struggled with perfection, Amy focuses her teachings and instructions on the importance of process or products. While working in a classroom of students, her main goal is to empower children through art and emphasize, practice, and process over perfection.


Linda Burden-Williams

Linda Burden-Williams is a professional actor, speaker and coach for over 30 years with Prime-Time TV and Film credits. She is also a casting director for Feature Films, Commercials, and Industrials. As an educator, Linda teaches theatre programs in schools across Lane County, provides individual and small-group coaching, and supports the All About Art Summer Camp in Veneta. Linda seamlessly incorporates Mindfulness and Growth Mindset practices into her work, teaching the power of breath and reflection. Linda previously supported Creative Link programming in Territorial Elementary’s 5th Grade classrooms, supporting the development of a live-radio program on local station, KOCF.