Grant Applications are now CLOSED. Awardees for the 2024-2025 cycle will be announced later this spring.

Lane Arts Council’s Community Arts Grants provide opportunities for Eugene artists and strive to ensure diverse, accessible arts experiences for Eugene participants and audiences. Through investments in Eugene’s community arts organizations and arts projects, Community Arts Grants enrich the lives of residents and visitors by increasing opportunities for arts engagement, ensuring opportunities for artists, and cultivating a diversity of art forms.

Community Arts Grants are funded by the City of Eugene Cultural Services Division and administered by Lane Arts Council.

Community Arts Program Grant

Community Arts Program Grants provide operating support to Eugene’s small and mid-sized community arts organizations. The primary purpose of the 2024-2025 Program Grant is to support nonprofit arts organizations in their strategic development and organizational goal fulfillment. 

Music Education & Performing Artists Association (MEPAA), previous Program Grant recipient.

This is a competitive grant program providing operating support to 501(c)(3) organizations in Eugene who have arts as the core of their mission. The most competitive applicants are arts organizations that provide public access to ongoing, sustained, artistic programming and outreach programs in Eugene. Organizations can apply for grant amounts equal to up to 10% percent of their overall operating budget, or a maximum of $5,000. Awards will generally range between $1,000 and $5,000.

Submission Guidelines and Form

Link to a PDF outline of the 2024-2025 application.

Link to Submission Form (see Google Forms Submission section below for more details)

Community Arts Project Grant

Community Arts Project Grants prioritize projects that emphasize accessibility to underserved audiences and provide programming that takes place in the City of Eugene. Proposals might include exhibits, performances, festivals, workshops, events, programs and other arts and culture projects.

Wordcrafters in Eugene, previous Project Grant recipient.

Competitive project proposals demonstrate community impact and clear access to underserved and underrepresented communities whose opportunities to experience the arts are limited by race, ethnicity, economics, or disability. Below are some examples of project strategies that emphasize accessibility. Project strategies could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Utilizing public spaces as an opportunity to engage residents and visitors with the arts 
  • Lowering barriers to entry by providing free or subsidized participation costs 
  • Preserving and commemorating local and multicultural traditions and histories  
  • Encouraging partnerships among artists, businesses, organizations, and agencies  
  • Building existing and developing new arts and culture audiences in Eugene 
  • Providing outlets for underserved artists to share their work 
  • Providing comprehensive arts learning experiences for youth and adults 

Any organization, collective, or individual may apply for a Community Arts Project Grant for funding up to $2,500. All funded project activities must take place between July 1, 2024 and June 30, 2025.

Submission Guidelines and Form

Link to a PDF outline of the 2024-2025 application.

Link to Submission Form (see Google Forms Submission section below for more details)

This grant application requires submission of a Project Budget. To assist applicants, we have provided some sample budgets for reference, which can be found by clicking here. A Google Sheets (LINK) has been provided for easier completion this year.

Google Forms Submission

All applications will be received through Google Forms this year. This form will auto-calculate character count on narrative responses, allow applicants to directly upload supplementary materials, and ensure each applicant completes all required parts of the application.

Google Forms require applicants to have a Google Account in order to upload their materials. If you do not have a Google Account it is very easy to set one up. See this “How to Set Up A Google Account” guide for assistance (LINK).

NOTE: We encourage applicants to prepare all responses in a separate document to copy/paste into the Google Form for submission. Google Forms cannot be saved mid-completion. Working on responses outside of the Google Form will help with losing any progress in the case there is an error or refresh mid-submission.

If the shift to Google Forms causes you any issues or concern, please contact us at for assistance.

Public Art Guidelines from City:

In alignment with the City of Eugene’s goal of creating a safe and welcoming community, we are committed to working with community partners to promote a community where every person, regardless of their identity, is safe, valued, and welcome. The following are protected: Gender identity, housing status, national origin, race/ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, source of income, association and political affiliation, color, disability, familial, marital, and partnership status. Hate or bias is any non-criminal hostile expression that may be motivated by a person’s real or perceived association with race, color, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and unhoused status. Examples:

  • Name calling; using a racial, ethnic, or other slur to identify someone; or using degrading language
  • Creating racist or derogatory graffiti or images/drawings
  • Imitating someone with a disability, or imitating someone’s cultural norm or practice

Servicio de interpretación

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2023-2024 Recipients

View the 2023-2024 Community Arts Program Grant recipients here.

View the 2023-2024 Community Arts Project Grant recipients here.

Information Sessions

Information sessions are offered annually to provide insight on grant offerings and to answer questions from potential applicants. Video recordings from the most recent sessions can be found below.

Community Arts Project Grant

Info session for the 2024-2025 Community Arts Project Grant was held Thursday, March 7th at 3:00pm on Zoom.

Community Arts Program Grant

Info session for the 2024-2025 Community Arts Program Grant was held Friday, March 8th at 12:00pm on Zoom.

Please feel free to contact Lane Arts Council with questions at 541-485-2278 or by contacting our team at