Lane-Arts_Adopt-a-SchoolArtist Residencies provide youth with an unforgettable arts experience in Lane County schools.

What does it mean to Adopt a School?
By “adopting” a school, you are directly impacting young people by funding an Artist Residency in a Lane County school. Through our Artist Residencies, Lane Arts Council places professional artists in classrooms to provide essential arts learning opportunities for youth. Our diverse roster of artists specialize in visual, literary and performing arts. Schools are chosen on economic need, however we are happy to work with a school of your choosing.

Why is it important to have Artist Residencies in schools?
Lane County schools are experiencing the effects of budget cuts that are disproportionately affecting arts teachers and arts programs. This is especially true of the rural schools where art and music teachers are virtually nonexistent now. Community support is essential in providing young people with hands-on experience in the arts.

Who can Adopt-a-School?
Lane Arts Council welcomes donations from all entities that are interested in supporting the Adopt-a-School program, including funding from individuals, businesses, corporations, community groups, and nonprofit organizations.

What is the cost?
We are asking you to provide at least half to offset the residency costs to a local school. Schools will pay the difference, in addition to supply costs.

What is the first step?
If you are interested in supporting an Artist Residency, please contact Stacey Ray, Executive Director of Lane Arts Council at or (541) 485-2278.

Why are the arts Important?
The arts are not extracurricular activities; they’re fundamental parts of a high-quality education. Numerous studies show that students’ engagement in the arts has a positive, far-reaching influence on standardized test scores, social skills, and critical, creative thinking.

Visit our Arts Education Roster of Artists to see the exciting arts & music programs that can be offered in Lane County schools.