Educator Professional Development 2021 Workshop Series

Lane Arts Council is offering a series of professional development workshops for teachers and educators focusing on creative instructional, student support, and student development strategies. This is the newest programmatic element of our Creative Link arts integration program, focused on providing teachers the essential tools to bring creative engagement strategies into their classrooms and learning environments. Check out the opportunities below!

Inspired Curriculum with Game Design & Theory

with Cullen Vance

April 7th, 3-5pm

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Games have always been a part of how humans learn and hone their skills. All successful games, from Duck-Duck Goose to Call of Duty, have embedded within them the core principles of Game Design. In this training led by video game designer, Cullen Vance, we will explore how to incorporate the 4 Principles of Game Design, “flow triggers,” and many more tips and tricks that game designers have utilized for hundreds of years into our classrooms to get students engaged and create memorable learning experiences that leave students changed, and hungry for more.

This program is an engaging, interactive workshop that gets participants talking, brainstorming, reflecting, and playing as they unlock the new “levels” they can bring to their curriculum!

Cullen Vance (he/him) is a film composer, video game designer, musician, and teaching artist working with Lane Arts Council. Additionally, Cullen has founded his own video game business, titled Cercle, which includes clever and often humorous games that have garnered international attention and acclaim. Cullen’s professional expertise in game design combined with his significant in-classroom experience helps guarantee this training will be fun, enlightening, and inspiring. Check out some of Cullen’s games at

Re-Use Art & Tools for Low-Cost, High-Impact Learning

with Maiya Becker

April 19th, 3:30-4:30pm

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In this workshop, participants will be shown a variety of art-making strategies that utilize everyday materials like cardboard, plastics, and packaging scraps. When resources are tight or assembling material kits is a difficult task, ReUse art is a great way to engage students’ unlimited creative potential without breaking the bank. Give your students a creative outlet to express their learning through sculpture, collage, assemblage and more!

Maiya Becker (she/her) is the past board vice president of MECCA (Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts) and a volunteer for their SELCO Saturday Kids Workshop, hosting crafty birthday parties and attending outreach events on behalf of MECCA. She has served as a Lane Arts Council teaching artist for years, bringing the joy of ReUse Art and environmental science to students across Lane County. She also teaches knitting and fiber arts at the University of Oregon Craft Center.

Mindful Reflection: Creative Strategies for Centered Learning

with Linda Burden-Williams & Alex Ever

April 29th, 3-5pm

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