The Venues Seeking Artists Page is an informational resource to help support the connecting of artists with potential showcase walls and relaxed performance venues. Lane Arts Council assembles this information using voluntary submissions from local venues and establishments.

For Artists: Please peruse our page and directly contact venues that can best support what you have to offer!

For New Venues: If you would like to have your information posted on our page, please complete this Intake Form. 

For Existing Venues: Please contact with any updates to your information.

Please note: Lane Arts Council is not an intermediary between venue and artist. 

Artist Opportunities

Visual Arts
Musical Arts 

Visual Arts

Broadway Commerce Center, business building lobby
44 W. Broadway Eugene, OR
Contact: Mija Andrade,

Art Type: 2D framed or unframed artwork; can accommodate large pieces
Subject: No preference
Available Wall Space: 45′ x 8′ total
Preferred artwork size/dimension:  Any size (within 45′ x 8′)
Cycle length: 1-2 month rotating shows
Commission: No
Additional benefits: We don’t offer payment, but we are First Friday ArtWalk members which provides promotion.

Resonance Building, mixed use multimodal healing + art space
840 Lawrence Street Eugene, OR
Contact: Christopher Daradics,

Art Type: Low profile hanging 2D work (un/framed, canvas, etc.) and Sculpture
Subject: Ecological, somatic, and integrative themes preferred
Available Wall Space: 2’x4, 2’x5′, 3’x3.5′, 2’x4′, 3’x4′, 4’x4
Preferred artwork size/dimension:  Anything that fits within the sizes specified above.
Cycle length: Depends / TBD
Commission: 25%
Additional benefits: Social media posts and organic opportunities for collaboration with healing + arts practitioners working in the space

Oakridge and Westfir Tree Planting Festival, festival
Various locations – Uptown Oakridge
Contact: Sheri Kendall, 541-870-3263

Art Type: Open to discussing any type of art.
Subject: No preference
Available Wall Space: 10’x10′ booths available.
Preferred artwork size/dimension:  No preference; anything that fits within the booth.
Cycle length: Festival length (2 days)
Commission: No
Additional benefits: Artist highlight on social media

Eugene HQ, coworking and event space
40 E Broadway, Eugene OR
Contact: Jill Nolan:, (541) 393-9770

Art Type: Open to discussion based on what is suitable for the space.
Subject: No preference
Available Wall Space: Multiple spaces, ranging from 2’x4′ up to 8’x’6
Preferred artwork size/dimension:  No preference
Cycle length: At least 1-3 months.
Commission: No
Additional benefits: Social media shoutouts. Additional benefits are possible.

Vida McKenzie Community Center, community gathering space
90377 Thomson Lane, Vida, OR 97488
Contact: Gerry Aster

Art Type: Framed and canvas paintings; small sculptures
Subject: No preference
Available Wall Space: 6 walls each 8.5’x3.75′
Preferred artwork size/dimension:  No preference
Cycle length: 2 months
Commission: No
Additional benefits: We are open to a stipend for certain projects.

Musical Arts

Porterhouse Clothing & Supply, clothing store
160 E Broadway, Ste B, Eugene, OR
Contact: Omar,

Ensemble Size Availability: 2-3 people
Ensemble Preference: Jazz duos, trios, combos.
Genre Preference: We’re looking for music that doesn’t demand our customers to be an active observer or listener, but something that fits well into the general atmosphere. For example, avante-garde jazz might not be the best fit.
Accommodations: Power source
Additional benefits: We always promote anything happening in our store via social media and our email list.

Shelton McMurphey Johnson House, museum
303 Willamette Street Eugene, OR
Contact: Leah Murray,

Ensemble Size Availability: 1-3 people
Ensemble Preference: Flexible; people who are familiar with the space already.
Genre Preference: The museum lends itself to classical, but we are not picky. Less amplification is best.
Accommodations: Power sources 
Additional benefits: We have a high social media presence.

Resonance Building, mixed use multimodal healing + art space
840 Lawrence Street Eugene, OR
Contact: Christopher Daradics,

Ensemble Size Availability: Flexible. Previous experience ranges from 1-4 musicians in multiple spaces.
Ensemble Preference: Flexible. Preference is given to artists who embody the idiosyncratic nature of the venue (somatic, ecologically oriented). The decision will have to be mutually determined a good fit.
Genre Preference: Depends on occasion.
Accommodations: Power source, amplifiers, drum kit, microphones with stands. 
Additional benefits: Future opportunities available depending on future programming and how well matched the artist’s work is to the activity happening in our space.

Adventure! Children’s Museum, children’s museum and theater space
490 Valley River Center, Eugene, OR
Contact: Amelia Reising,;, 541-653-9629

Ensemble Size Availability:  Previous Solo pianist or musician; 10-15 performers (dancers, actors, puppeteers, magicians, etc.)
Ensemble Preference: Flexible. All performances should be child appropriate. We have the ability to host community group preview performances with audience seating, or a single musician/small ensemble for ambient performances.
Genre Preference: Depends on whether it is a seated or ambient performance. Let’s talk!
Accommodations: Piano, power source, dedicated performance area in a bustling children’s museum, seating. 
Additional benefits: Open to discussion!