Project Description


This fun and engaging residency is designed to teach students the fundamentals of drawing and design, through lessons that build upon one another to make these art making activities accessible to all levels and learners. Students will gain an understanding of several different line drawing, shading, and designing techniques, concepts, and vocabulary and enjoy adding their own creativity to this framework to create a small portfolio during “studio time” with individual attention from the residency artist. This residency will empower students to transform any trepidations about drawing into an “I can do this!” attitude

Final Product

Students will create a small portfolio that contains line drawings, a value continuum, two to three designs that exemplify various shading techniques, and a final drawing project using a combination of the techniques taught during residency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will understand the fundamentals of drawing and design.
  • Students will learn drawing techniques including line drawing, value and shading, color theory, and design composition.
  • Students will learn about the Italian Renaissance and how it has influenced the art world today.
  • Students will learn new vocabulary and corresponding artistic concepts and incorporate this into their projects.
  • Students will learn how to draw geometric, organic, and architectural shapes.

Suggested Grades

  • Appropriate for all grade levels.

Pricing Breakdown

  • 4 visits at 45 minutes each
  • Prep hours: 1 hours per classroom
  • Materials: $1 per student
  • Travel from Eugene


“I really appreciated watching some of our ‘not-so-brave’ artists come out
of their shell during Ms. Andrea’s residency. One student shared with me that he appreciated the one-on-one time Ms. Andrea gave him, saying, ‘it was just what I needed to feel more confident in working with a new pencil shading technique.’ Another student told me ‘Now I love drawing!’” –Lori K., Clear Lake Elementary School music teacher

“Thank you for showing us the drawing and working on the shapes. It inspired
me to create other beautiful art.” –Roslyn, 2nd grader, Clear Lake Elementary School

“I loved the whole thing because it improved my art skills. I wasn’t very good at
drawing before, but now I have improved my art skills. Thank you for helping me!” –Gabril, 4th grader, Clear Lake Elementary School

Why I teach:

“Drawing can be intimidating and I have heard so many students too often lamenting that they “can’t draw” or they “don’t know what to draw”.  I love making drawing accessible to all students and skill levels by offering a deep dive into the fundamentals where we explore design concepts and techniques through bite sized exercises that build upon each other to enable full bodied understanding and self-confidence in the artistic process. My step-by-step activities simultaneously provide gentle parameters to guide and give kids direction while allowing ample space for individual creativity and self-expression that will have students exclaiming, “I can do this!” -Andrea DiPalma Yansane

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