Project Description

Transform hesitancy for math and science into enthusiasm and confidence by creating entry points to learning with engaging art projects.
Science is made accessible and relevant when concepts are explored and reinforced through art projects that allow for personal expression while building students’ confidence in their own ability to learn and incorporate the information.
This math and science art residency fosters curiosity in students through visual art projects and movement games that motivate them to personally discover intersections between their art exploration, math, and science.
Students will create abstract 2D art explorations using watercolor pencil  painting, ink pens and marker design, and printmaking and will use movement games to investigate science and math concepts such as combinatorics, symmetry, patterns and grade-appropriate themes from physical and life sciences.
This residency can be adapted to curriculum that is currently being covered in classes.


Final Product

Students will complete uniquely designed puzzle games with marker and ink pen, botanical illustrations using pencil sketching and watercolor coloration, abstract 2D art using oil pastels and marker transfer printing. They will apply creative movement games to gain understanding of the math and science concepts we explore.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain understanding of math and science topics covered during the residency.
  • Students will learn to develop and value their observational skills.
  • Students will learn about the differences between abstract and representational art.
  • Students will learn to feel confident using experimentation as a method of learning and testing their ideas.
  • Students will learn skills necessary for creating collaborative work in an equitable, supportive manner.
  • Students will develop art-making skills consistent with the media used and learn corresponding terminology.
  • Students will have fun and learn to associate math and science as accessible, welcoming fields of study.
  • Students will broaden their understanding of what math and science can be and translate the new meaning to include confidence in, curiosity about, and enthusiasm for often feared subjects.

Suggested Grades

Appropriate for all grade levels.

Pricing Breakdown

  • 4 visits at 45 minutes each
  • Prep hours: 2 hours per classroom
  • Materials: $2 per student
  • Travel from Corvallis

Why I teach art:

“Art is a universal language that provides access points to learning, opens doors to self expression and offers  opportunities for exploration. I teach art because I want students to believe that their ideas are valid and worth exploring and art is a means I can offer to facilitate their discoveries. I enter each class, meet every student with the intention that they’ll be inspired by the glow of their own creative courage to carry into their days.” –Victoria Wills

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