Design Arts Apprenticeship

Apply by March 15th!

Applications are now open for spring term of Lane Arts Council’s Design Arts Apprenticeship Program! Spring term will run April 13th through June 21st, and applications are due March 8th, 2020. The application is available in English and Spanish at

Lane Arts Council’s Design Arts Apprenticeship program offers Lane County middle and high school students apprenticeship opportunities with professional artists and designers. Mentors specialize in wood and metal design, fashion design, graphic design, digital projection, 3D rendering, ceramics, electrical engineering and other fields of graphic, digital, and physical design.

This is a chance for students to learn new skills and uncover potential career paths over a 10 week period of intensive, direct learning. Whether or not students pursue these careers, the apprenticeship experience will help them cultivate “world of work” skills they can utilize in any profession.

Students will meet with a mentor group for approximately 2.5 hours per week for a 10-week period to work directly on a shared project. Students also participate in engaging design-focused workshops, and showcase their final products and learning at an end-of-term celebratory event.

Please share this opportunity with any students you think may be interested, and feel free to reach with any questions at 541-485-2278, or by emailing