Lane Arts Council offers a range of arts education programs for students and professional development for educators in Lane County.

The arts increase student ability to retain knowledge, engage students in creative problem solving, develop cultural awareness, and inspire confidence and self-worth. Lane Arts Council believes the arts are essential to preparing young people for the future and we strive to ensure every young person across Lane County has access to engaging and high-quality arts experiences. Bring the arts into your school, advocate for arts education, and watch your students thrive.

Learn more about how the arts can support your classroom instruction by contacting Ben Minnis, Arts Education Manager, at or 541-485-2278.

Download our arts education booklet.

Artist Residencies

Professional visual and performing artists bring unique educational arts programming to your school for extended residences with multiple classrooms lasting up to several weeks. Students learn new skills and methods of expression, develop creative thinking and self confidence, and gain career insights. Quality arts instruction provides young people with holistic learning experiences that engage minds, hearts and bodies. Learn more

Choose from six residency categories: visual & craft arts, dance & theatre arts, musical arts, STEM. + Arts, cultural arts, and literary arts.

Performance Assemblies

Bring a burst of energy into your school with one of our dynamic performance assemblies. Professional artists bring their expertise to the stage in ways that are engaging and interactive, leaving students motivated, empowered and inspired. Open your doors to a professional storyteller, circus artist, live-looping violinist, hip-hop artist, dance troupe or one of our many other performing artists available for one-time or two back-to-back performances. Performance Assemblies are typically 45 minutes in length and often include an interactive discussion period. Learn more

Design Arts Apprenticeships

A partnership between Lane Arts Council and the University of Oregon Department of Product Design, the Design Arts Apprenticeship program offers middle and high school students apprenticeship opportunities focused in graphic, digital, and physical design. Students pair with a professional product designer for ten weeks, utilizing the technology available at the 942 Olive building in Downtown Eugene. Students work alongside their mentor to understand the profession of product design, explore specific ways to approach design, and begin creating innovative products of their own. Learn more

Teacher Professional Development

Lane Arts Council offers opportunities for teachers to expand their instructional repertoire through arts integrated trainings. Look out for professional development opportunities made available through our partnership with Lane ESD or schedule an in-school training for your instructional team.

Our arts integration experts are versed in creative engagement, academic standards, curriculum design, classroom management and teacher support. Learn more

Creative Link

The Creative Link program provides 22 weeks of programming, which includes: professional development and instructional support for teachers, personalization of approach based on teacher need and interest, engaging curriculum that develops essential life skills in students, project-based learning that deepens core curriculum learning through artistic exploration, and much more. Learn more