Lane Arts Council offers a range of arts education programs for students and professional development for educators in Lane County.

The arts increase student ability to retain knowledge, engage students in creative problem solving, develop cultural awareness, and inspire confidence and self-worth. Lane Arts Council believes the arts are essential to preparing young people for the future and we strive to ensure every young person across Lane County has access to engaging and high-quality arts experiences. Bring the arts into your school, advocate for arts education, and watch your students thrive.

Learn more about how the arts can support your classroom instruction by contacting Ben Minnis, Arts Education Program Coordinator at or 541-485-2278.

Download our arts education booklet.

Artist Residencies

Professional visual and performing artists bring unique educational arts programming to your school for extended residences with multiple classrooms lasting up to several weeks. Students learn new skills and methods of expression, develop creative thinking and self confidence, and gain career insights. Quality arts instruction provides young people with holistic learning experiences that engage minds, hearts and bodies. Learn more

Choose from six residency categories: visual & craft arts, dance & theatre arts, musical arts, tech & media arts, cultur