3-5 Experimental Music with Kathie Hsieh: Lesson 4

LIVE on Friday, May 21st at 12:30pm

Program Description

Students will learn to make music with everyday objects like bowls, recycled cans, wooden spoons, and aluminum foil. They will learn to create a visual score, which depicts the movement of a musical abstract soundscape. This lesson is all about open exploration, unique expression, and experimentation with sound as it touches on science and music standards.

Printable Lesson Guide

Lesson 4 (English)


paper, pencil, coloring supplies (markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.), silverware (plasticware is fine), water bottle, coins, dried beans or rice


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Music Standard(s):
    • MU.7.RE1.3
    • MU.5.RE1.4
    • MU.5.RE1.5
    • MU.2.CR2.3
    • MU.2.CR2.4
    • MU.2.CR2.5