3-5 Exploring Rhythm with Olive DelSol: Lesson 4

LIVE on Thursday, January 14th at 11am

Program Description

In this lesson students will add a new homemade instrument to their inventory: Castanets. Students will craft this fun instrument from cardboard and pennies to explore new sound and a new way of keeping rhythm This program touches on key music, visual art, and physical education standards.

Printable Lesson Guides (for craft section)

Lesson 4 (English)

Lección 4 (Español)


Cardboard, scissors, 2 pennies (or other small coins), tape or glue, paper, pencil or pen


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Arts Standard(s):
    • VA.1.CR1.3
    • MA.1.CR1.3
    • MU.1.CR1.3
    • MU.1.CR1.4
    • MU.1.CR1.5
    • MU.2.CR2.3
  • Physical Education Standard(s):
    • PE.1.3.6
    • PE.1.4.5
    • PE.1.5.5