3-5 Sketchbook Design & Exploration with M. V. Moran and Monet Moran: Lesson 1

LIVE on Monday, April 26th at 9:00am

Program Description

Students will begin this lesson building a sketchbook all their own to fill with mindful and observational drawings. Sketchbooks have a practice to them involving exploration, experimentation, and self-guided challenge. Students will be provided a series of exercises to fill their sketchbook with drawings, helping them develop a new skill and track their artistic progress.

Printable Lesson Guides

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paper, stapler (or tape, glue, or string), pencil, coloring supplies (like markers, crayons, or colored pencils), spoon or fork


This lesson touches on the following standards:

Arts Standards:

  • VA.1.CR1.3
  • VA.1.CR1.4
  • VA.1.CR1.5
  • VA.2.CR2.3
  • VA.2.CR2.4
  • VA.2.CR2.5

Mathematics Standards:

  • 3.G.1
  • 4.G.1
  • 4.G.3
  • 5.G.5
  • 5.G.4