6-8 Building Worlds with Paper with Victoria Wills: Lesson 2

LIVE on Wednesday, December 2nd at 9am

Program Description

Students will design their own imagined world through a variety of paper-based crafts! They will name their world, design its landscape, create original creatures, design plant life, and even create a sample greeting card from their invented civilization. This program aligns with science concepts as students explore the elements that create a connected ecosystem.

Printable Lesson Guide

Lesson 2 (English)

Lección 2 (Español)


Paper, scissors, ruler, pencil, coloring materials, and binding material (glue, tape, or staples)


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Arts Standard(s)
    • VA.1.CR1.6
    • VA.1.CR1.7
    • VA.1.CR1.8
  • Science Standard(s)
    • MS-LS1-4
    • MS-LS2-1
    • MS-LS4-4