6-8 Jazz Dance with Pamela Lehan-Siegel : Lesson 4

LIVE on Wednesday, November 25th at 10am

Program Description

Students will learn about the origins of jazz dance, explore the style’s movement elements, and practice short choreographed dances. Jazz dance is high energy, accessible, and deeply rooted in American history. This lesson touches on dance and history standards and students learn how African American and immigrant communities have contributed to this popular dance style.


Open space for movement, movement clothes, water


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Arts Standard(s):
    • DA.5.PR1.6
    • DA.5.PR1.7
    • DA.5.PR1.8
  • Physical Education Standard(s):
    • PE.1.6.1
    • PE.1.7.1
    • PE.1.8.1