K-2 Drawing From My Life with Andrea DiPalma Yansane: Lesson 2

LIVE on Thursday, May 27th at 11:00am

Program Description

In this lesson, students will be encouraged to create art and drawings using objects, ideas, and imagination from their own personal world. Students will learn foundational design elements and will be challenged to explore the realms of realism and composition as they explore visual art and draw from their imagination.

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paper, pencil, ruler, eraser, colored pencils or crayons. Optional: tissue or paper towel, black marker, piece of fruit, bowl


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Art Standards:
    • VA.1.CR1.K
    • VA.1.CR1.1
    • VA.1.CR1.2
    • VA.10.CO1.K
    • VA.10.CO1.1
    • VA.10.CO1.2