K-2 Shadow Puppetry with Noah McLain Philpot: Lesson 3

LIVE on Wednesday, February 24th at 12:30pm

Program Description

Anything can become a puppet with the help of some dramatic lighting and a little creativity! Students will design and create their own shadow puppets using paper or cardboard and other craft supplies around the house. In this lesson, students will begin setting up their own shadow puppet studio using a cereal box, paper, and a directional lamp.

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Lesson 3 (English)


Directional light (desk lamp or flashlight), cereal box, white paper, scissors, tape or glue


This lesson touches on the following standards:

Arts Standards:

  • VA.2.CR2.K
  • VA.2.CR2.1
  • VA.2.CR2.2

Mathematics Standard(s):

  • K.MD.1
  • 1.MD.1
  • 2.MD.1