K-2 Temporary Natural Collage with Alex Ever: Lesson 4

LIVE on Wednesday, April 7th at 9:30am

Program Description

Students will explore the unlimited art making supplies that surround us in yards, parks, sidewalks, and sea sides as they create temporary artworks and natural collages. This program encourages students to see possibility in the every day as leaves, flower, stones, sticks, and seashells become whimsical creatures, mandalas, and more. In this lesson students will create magical creatures with their collected materials. This program touches on key math and science concepts in a highly creative way.

Printable Lesson Guides

Lesson 4 (English)


paper, pencil, ruler, natural materials (such as leaves, stones, and seashells); optional: glue


This lesson touches on the following standards:

Visual Arts Standard(s):

  • VA.2.CR2.3
  • VA.2.CR2.4
  • VA.2.CR2.5

Science Standard(s):

  • K-LS1-1
  • 1-LS1-1
  • 2-LS4-1