Welcome to ArtStream      At Home Summer Camp!

Every Monday this summer new weekly modules will be posted here! We’ll explore visual and performing arts with a variety of lessons for K-8 students accessible to explore from wherever you learn and play!

Week 10: Embody & Express!

August 30th – September 5th

K-2: Hip Hop Dance with Katie Patrick (Eugene Ballet)

Students will get moving and grooving as they learn the basics of hip hop dance! Each lesson will introduce new steps as students learn fun routines they will be repeating for days to come. At the start of each lesson, students will learn a bit about the origins and history of hip hop including its roots in BIPOC urban communities. Supplies: open space, movement clothes, water

3-5: West African Dance with West African Cultural Arts Institute

Join West African Cultural Arts Institute’s artists, Alseny Yansane and Andrea DiPalma Yansane, as they lead students step by step through the basics of dance from Guinea, West Africa. Students will learn about how traditional Guinean drumming and dancing are related, gain an understanding of basic dance form and technique, acquire knowledge of the cultural context of the artform, while getting a great cardiovascular workout all to the sounds of live drumming!  Supplies: movement clothes, open space, water

6-8: Freestyle Animation Dance with Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen

Freestyle animation dance is all about inviting students to move and groove from a place of instinct and improvisation. Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen will teach students foundational skills like popping, locking, and animation, but the expression truly comes alive when the students make it their own by moving like water or expressing joy through dance.  Supplies: Open space for movement, movement clothes, water