BONUS Workshop: Transforming Fear Into Power

Liora Sponko, Lane Arts Council

Tuesday, April 14th


Zoom – Details to join Zoom meeting will be sent to registrants


It’s an especially difficult time for artists and creative professionals. With events and gigs being canceled, many of you have lost work and are feeling financially unstable. You may also be so consumed by fear and cannot concentrate on your creative and business goals.

Let’s come together to support each other!❤️

Through a facilitated virtual conference call, we will work to transform your fears so you get back on track with your goals. You will have the opportunity to share your vision for your creative work, what you are dealing with and how to move forward with a healthy mindset so you can take action on your goals.

About Liora Sponko:
Liora Sponko serves as the Executive Director of Lane Arts Council. She also serves as a Mindset and Empowerment Coach for artists and creative professionals, Liora is committed to helping you transform fear into inspired action and power. Liora works with clients 1:1 and also has group coaching programs. You can learn more at