Lane Arts Council has an opening for a contracted teaching artist as part of our new Creative Link arts integration program.

Creative Link Teaching Artist

The Creative Link is an evolving model for arts-based school enhancement that unites community-based teaching artists with middle and elementary school educators to generate creative, challenging and sustainable learning opportunities for historically marginalized students. Teaching artists work side by side with educators, modeling arts integration approaches within the classroom. The current open position is set to work with teachers at Territorial Elementary in Junction City and Shasta Middle School in the Bethel School District. This collaboration focuses on classroom transformation, improving the academic experience for groups of students and expanding the educational possibilities for committed educators. By engaging educators from across our community, The Creative Link goes to the heart of integrative, imaginative, and culturally responsive learning.

Through cohesive engagement in the arts, The Creative Link will catalyze and sustain progress in teaching and learning for marginalized educators and students. By nurturing an unshakeable sense of possibility in educators and developing their skills to integrate the arts into other academic areas, new pathways open for students to engage and persist creatively as lifelong learners.

Internally, we have named this position a “Co-Creator” as the teaching artist is a collaborator with the teacher, supporting and assisting in the expansion of possibility within the classroom. 

Successful Creative Link teaching artists help provide a tangible link between the creative process and all kinds of learning; leading to greater memory retention of content, diverse entry points for students, and multiple ways for students to represent what they know and can do with their knowledge.

This program was inspired in part by ArtCore, which served five schools across Lane County for the past 4 years and Arts Work in Education (AWE), which served schools across the State of Oregon.

This is a contracted position. The position is compensated at $30 per hour for an average of 5-18 hours per week. The contract will run approximately November 2018-June 2019.

Application review will begin October 27th, 2018.

View the full position description and application instructions