The Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 study provides evidence that the nonprofit arts and culture sector is a significant industry in the City of Eugene—one that generates $62 million in total economic activity annually and supports 2,400 full-time equivalent jobs. This impact is twice as significant to the Eugene economy compared to the median of similarly sized regions around the country.

The impact of spending by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations is far reaching: they pay their employees, purchase supplies, and acquire assets within the local community. Additionally, unlike most industries, the arts leverage significant event-related spending by their audiences. Whether serving the local community or out-of-town visitors, a vibrant arts and culture industry helps local businesses thrive.

What is more, the arts in Eugene are literally where our community gathers. Each year, participating nonprofit arts and cultural organizations host over 1.1 million audience members at their various performances and exhibitions. And, more than 3,200 Eugenians volunteer a total of nearly 200,000 hours per year to local nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. This represents a donation of time worth an estimated aggregate value of $4.6 million.

By proving that investing in the arts and culture yields economic benefits, Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 lays to rest the misconception that communities support arts and culture at the expense of local economic development. In fact, communities like Eugene that support the arts and culture
not only enhance their quality of life—they also invest in their economic well-being. The arts mean business in the City of Eugene!

Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 was conducted by Americans for the Arts to document the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry in 341 communities across the United States. The Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene, Lane Arts Council, City of Eugene, and the Center for Community Arts and Cultural Policy at the University of Oregon partnered with forty local arts and cultural nonprofits to collect the data necessary to determine the economic impact of these organizations in Eugene. For more information, including the full report, please see

The Arts & Economic Prosperity®5 is a national study measuring the economic impact of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations on local jobs, income paid to local residents, and revenue generated to local and state governments.