Lane Arts Council celebrates arts education with visual art and live performances at Shadowfox

Lane Arts Council presents a showcase of visual art and live performances by Lane Arts Council teaching artists, a special addition to the June 2nd First Friday ArtWalk. The month-long exhibition at Shadowfox (76 W Broadway) kicked off during the June ArtWalk, featuring visual art and live performances by more than a dozen artists working in schools across Lane County through artist residencies, summer camps, and arts apprenticeships. The visual art exhibition will be up for viewing until June 30th.

“We maintain a dynamic roster of teaching artists who are working in schools throughout the county all year round,” said Laurette Garner, Lane Art Council’s Arts Education Manager. “This event is just a small way of recognizing some of our incredible teaching artists and artist mentors, whose contribution to the young people in our communities is invaluable. Art experiences that provide opportunities for expression and creativity are vital to developing holistic minds, and these artists are helping equip young people with skills they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom.”

The evening on June 2nd featured a sampling of live performances including Hawaiian music from Maggie Matoba, Rainy Day Blues in Schools with Dino Allbaugh, and puppetry with Fooble the Dragon. Visual art includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, ceramics, and re-use art by artists Merideth Ferrell, David Placencia, Alex Lanham, Teri Robertson, Mitra Chester, Samuel Becerra, and work by students.

Teaching artist Merideth Ferrell worked with students as an artist-in-residence at Cesar Chavez Elementary, teaching collaborative silk painting.

The showcase is an opportunity for community members, parents, artists, educators and school administrators to engage with teaching artists working across all mediums, and learn about Lane Arts Council’s arts education programs

Lane Arts Council’s Arts Education Programs

Lane Arts Council believes in equitable opportunities for high-quality arts education in every school. Arts participation can have a far-reaching influence on classroom engagement, social skills and critical thinking. Lane Arts Council teaching artists provide specialized residencies that meet the needs of each classroom and supplement the existing curriculum. For many, these programs represent students’ only exposure to arts learning. Visual and performing artists work with students and teachers to create extended educational arts activities, teach new skills, develop creative thinking, and offer career insights. Quality arts instruction provides young people with authentic learning experiences that engage minds, hearts, and bodies.