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We are all inherently creative. Creativity is not just about making a product; it’s about how we live, observe, think, feel, and experience life. When we trust ourselves and our expression, we make a profound impact in our communities.

RichOur teaching artist Rich Glauber discusses his recent experience teaching music and dance to local elementary school students:

I had some apprehension before beginning a six-week artist residency this year. What if I did all my best stuff last year? What if there are no new ideas? I think it’s a healthy fear, as it caused me to really reflect on what I’m trying to do. And when I thought about it deeply, it comes down to ‘what do I really believe about music?’

That inquiry and that fear led me back to the truth of my particular vision: Music is alive in this moment. We can sing it, dance it, live it, and celebrate it right now. And what gets us there is a willingness to connect with others, listen, give it our best, go for it, and keep it flowing. And guess what? Kids are my total allies in the process. They still have that joie de vivre that wants to laugh, sing out, use their bodies, and rock out hard. Yeah, it’s on! I wish everyone could hear the sound of thirty kids singing out in joy.

Rich’s program makes a difference in the lives of young people. Students have the opportunity to be playful, joyful and freely express their creative selves. And, through this process, Rich reconnects with his own creativity.

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