Lane Arts Council’s arts education programs continue to grow, with more schools than ever requesting professional artists to bring exciting arts curriculum to the classroom. With the start of the school year we have added several artists to our teaching artist roster. Check out their brilliant programs, heading to Lane County’s classrooms now!

Bayne Gardner will offer “Bold & Bright Mural Making,” helping students brainstorm ideas, represent those ideas visually, and work together on a collaborative mural project. Students will learn how to use the tools and techniques of professional mural painting.

Christine Madzik returns to our roster with “Theatre for Change,” bringing interactive theatre games and skit development to help students build community and explore solutions to oppressive behavior like bullying, harassment, and other conflicts.

Michael Moloi will offer “South African Gumboot and Pantsula Dance,” in which students will not only learn South African dances, but the country’s history, language, culture, and music. Fun fact: From 2006 to 2016, Michael was a featured Cirque du soleil performing artist!

Retro will offer “Improvise like Nobody’s Watching!” helping students find their own movement, their own style, and their own groove in how they connect with themselves and music. This program offers an exciting sense of empowerment at the intersection of students’ hearts, minds, and bodies.

Victoria Moran will offer “Throw Paint like Jackson Pollock,” allowing students to explore new ideas through abstract expression. Through the process of throwing paint in Pollock’s innovative style, students will enjoy discussing the age-old question: what is art?

Erika Wolf will offer “Make a Statement! Artists as Animal Advocates,” leading students in creating a mixed media photo transfer on wood using printmaking, collage, and painting. For their subject, students will select their favorite endangered species to research and depict.

We even have a few more to come, so stay posted as our offerings continue to evolve and grow.

Let us know if you are interested in working with these or any of our amazing teaching artists by emailing Eric at or calling us at 541-485-2278.

Image: Mural-making with Bayne Gardner