In 2020, Donald R. Dexter, Jr., DMD championed the first R0 Prayer Flag Project, a community project to inspire hope and raise money for Lane Art’s Council’s Artist Support Programs.

“The term R0, referred to as R-Naught, represents the number of new infections estimated to stem from a single case. In other words, if R0 is 2.5, then one person is expected to infect, on average, 2.5 others. The purpose of this program is to “positively” infect each other with hope, love compassion and empathy, as well as every other positive emotion that is out there. The R-Naught for this project is 100. I plan to identify and positively infect 100 people in the community to participate in the project.” – Dr. Dexter

Through the project 60 flags were created and $2,395 was raised for Artist Support Programs. The project culminated in a display of flags at Oregon Art Supply. Watch this video to learn more about last year’s project.

This year, Dr. Dexter is making another matching commitment to Lane Arts Council’s Artist Support Programs with the R0 Prayer Flag Redux Art Project. Again, the community is encouraged to make prayer flags and donate $10 to Lane Arts Council. Donations will be matched up to $1,000. The goal is the creation of 200 flags to be displayed in Downtown Windowfront Exhibits in October.

Find out how you can participate!

R0 Prayer Flag Project display at
Oregon Art Supply in
November 2020