Join us in celebrating the 2022-2023 grant recipients by tuning into our Virtual Grant Award Ceremony on Thursday, July 14th at 5pm live on our YouTube and Facebook page!

Lane Arts Council has awarded $11,798 in grants to 7 artists connected to Eugene for the 2022-23 grant period. The Artist Grant program is funded by the City of Eugene Cultural Services Division and administered by Lane Arts Council.

Artist Grants provide financial support to artists to pursue a new creative endeavor (Project), invest in their artistic development (Process), or bolster artistic business capacity (Progress) in order to advance their career. Artist Grants were awarded to provide support for the grant cycle running from July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023.

Artist Grant Recipients

Karin Clarke

$1,000 award


Karin Clarke will use the grant funds to attend the Jerusalem Studio School’s Master Class (painting) in Italy; to advance my creative practice and further develop her skills as a fine artist. Pictured: Looking Out (2022)

Valentina Gonzalez

$1,625 award


Valentina Gonzalez will use awarded funding for a new computer to support her art business and to help create The Heritage Project: An international cultural art exchange project focused on Fine Art, Street Art and Folk art. Pictured: Little Free Pantry Mural, 2021

Suzanne Haag

$2,000 award


Suzanne Haag will use the funds to create a screendance film in collaboration with Gravy Media featuring professional dancers in settings throughout Eugene. This film will be a love letter to Eugene, Suzanne’s artistic home.

John P. Harn

$1,661 award

John P. Harn will use these funds to support his writing of a book of poems and prose-poems that fictionalize little-known but actual characters in early Lane County history, publish the manuscript, give public readings and exhibit at local arts fairs. Pictured: Two published works by John P. Harn

Nicole Marie Hummel

$2,000 award


Nicole Marie Hummel will use the funds to create a series of ceramic sculptures inspired by motherhood and display them at Nurturely and Our Community Birth Center, to spark conversation about how to support families in our community. Pictured: Floating (2021)

Kum Ja Lee

$1,512 award


Kum Ja Lee will use funds to support a fiber art installation at the Lane Community College campus gallery. Her installation will create rhythmic and meditative environments by filling a space with polychrome threads connected to the walls and ceiling. Learn about her finished work here, here, and here. Pictured: Deep Time (2020)

Katsuyuki Shibata

$2,000 award


Katsuyuki Shibata will use awarded funds to assemble a photography exhibit of landscape images from Oregon, the Northwest, and beyond. Shibata shared, “this grant will ultimately allow me to produce large prints that represent the fullest potential of my artistic quality without compromise.” The photographs will be featured at an exhibit at the Midtown Arts Center this year. Pictured: New Years Day, Three Fingered Jack, cropped (2022)