Portal into Summer by Ron Lafond at The Studio of Ron Lafond (937 West Third Avenue)

Lane Arts Council presents the 2nd Mural Bike Tour in Eugene! The 2-hour tour begins at 10am on Saturday, August 16th at the WJ Skatepark (under the Washington Jefferson Bridge near 1st Ave) and features murals of the Whiteaker Neighborhood.

Shawn Mediaclast will lead the tour and interview mural artists along the way, including Esteban Camacho, Kari Johnson, Jim Evangelista, and Ron Lafond.  Shawn is an artist and was the founder and owner of the Museum of Unfine Art.  He is currently co-owner and DJ of popular nightclub Cowfish. The Mural Bike Tour is sponsored by Arriving By Bike and Tacovore.   FREE EVENT!  More info or check out the Guide.

Image: Ron Lafond, Portal into Summer