Program Description
Move the Student Body explores bone identification, hip hop, folk dance, and other styles including free dance (improvisation) to fun music. Each class explores individual and group dances to be performed in an ending assembly. Music from each continent and inspiring, fun and vigorous fast paced residency.

Final Product
An ending assembly in which each class will perform its own individual dance and 3rd – 6th grade will create their own dances to perform.

Learning Outcomes

  • Performing and creating movement and dance with, and for your peers.
  • Performing in an assembly with your class, individual and group choreography.
  • Leaning of and moving to music of different continents and movement from different cultures and styles of dance.
  • Students will identify bone and muscle anatomy as it relates to dance movement.
  • Sequencing of movement, sound, visual and oral cues to work as a group for a performance outcome.

Suggested Grades

  • Best suited for K-5th grades.
  • Can be modified for 6th-8th grades.

Pricing Breakdown

  • Minimum/recommended # of visits + time per visit (est. cost per classroom)
  • Prep hours (est. cost per classroom/hours of instruction)
  • Materials (est. cost per student/project): One-time flat fee.
  • Travel (from the city center of artist): Eugene