3-5 Exploring Rhythm with Olive DelSol: Lesson 2

LIVE on Thursday, January 7th at 11am

Program Description

In this lesson students will get moving as they practice identifying changing sounds and instruments in music. They will then craft their own homemade drum sticks, which they will use to explore the sounds of everyday objects like bowls, pots, table tops, and books. This program touches on key music and mathematical standards.

Printable Lesson Guides (for craft section)

Lesson 2 (English)

Lección 2 (Español)


Two similar size sturdy sticks OR chopsticks OR wooden dowel or similar size/shape objects, cotton balls OR rubber bands OR eraser, tape, paper, pencil or pen


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  •  Arts Standard(s)
    • MU.4.PR1.4
    • MU.1.CR1.3
    • MU.1.CR.1.5
    • VA.1.CR1.3
    • VA.1.CR1.4
    • VA.1.CR1.5
  • Physical Education Standard(s)
    • PE.1.3.6
    • PE.1.4.5
    • PE.1.5.5