3-5 Nature Collage & Temporary Art with Alex Ever: Lesson 4

LIVE on Wednesday, November 25th at 12pm

Program Description

Students will explore the unlimited art making supplies that surround us in yards, parks, sidewalks, and sea sides as they create imagined creatures. Using the skills practiced, with a focus on guided visualization to inform applied play, this program encourages students to see possibility in the every day as leaves, flower, stones, sticks, and seashells become beautiful works of art.

Printable Lesson Guide

Lesson 4 (English)

Lección 4 (Español)


Paper or clean surface, natural materials collected in Lesson 1


This lesson touches on the following standards:

  • Arts Standard(s):
    • VA.2.CR2.3
    • VA.2.CR2.4
    • VA.2.CR2.5
  • Core Standard(s)
    • 3.G.2
    • 4.G.3
    • 5.G.3