6-8 Exploring Renaissance Techniques with Andrea DiPalma Yansane: Lesson 2

LIVE on Wednesday, February 3rd at 12:30pm

Program Description

The art world made huge strides during the Renaissance era, when new elements of design, perspective, and style were introduced and explored. In this lessons, students will work similarly to those great artists of the time as they these design elements still used in art today! Students will be challenged to explore the realms of realism as they explore visual art and learn some art history. In this lesson, students learn value and shading.

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Lesson 2 (English)


Paper, pencil, straight edge (like a ruler or other straight, sturdy object)


This lesson touches on the following standards:

Art Standards:

  • VA.1.CR1.6
  • VA.1.CR1.7
  • VA.1.CR1.8

History/Social Sciences Standards:

  • 6-8.RH.4