Welcome to ArtStream      At Home Summer Camp!

Every Monday this summer new weekly modules will be posted here! We’ll explore visual and performing arts with a variety of lessons for K-8 students accessible to explore from wherever you learn and play!

Week 2: Spin & Stomp!

July 5th – July 11th

K-2 FreeStyle Animation Dance with Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen

Freestyle animation dance is all about inviting students to move and groove from a place of instinct and improvisation. Carlos “Retro” Rasmussen will teach students foundational skills like popping, locking, and animation, but the expression truly comes alive when the students make it their own by moving like water or expressing joy through dance.  Supplies: Open space for movement, movement clothes, water

3-5: South African Dance with Michael Moloi

Students will learn about South African history as they explore Gumboots dance, which was created in the Apartheid era by Indigenous South African mineworkers. This energetic dance includes stomping, clapping, leg slapping, and exaggerated facial expressions. Students will engage their whole body and mind in this dynamic dance lesson! Supplies: open space for movement, movement clothes, water, optional: rainboots

6-8: Salsa Dance with Florabelle Moses (Eugene Ballet)

Salsa dance is lively, energetic, spicy, and tons of fun! Stomp, clap, and dance the class away from wherever you learn with this exciting lesson taught by Eugene Ballet Academy’s Florabelle Moses. This lesson will get students moving while teaching them this iconic Cuban dance.  Supplies: water, movement clothes, an open space for movement