Welcome to ArtStream      At Home Summer Camp!

Every Monday this summer new weekly modules will be posted here! We’ll explore visual and performing arts with a variety of lessons for K-8 students accessible to explore from wherever you learn and play!

Week 4: Practice & Perform!

July 19th – July 25th

K-2: Creating Characters for Performance with Linda Burden-Williams

Utilizing the tools of theatrical expression, students will create and perform original characters. Students will learn to use their bodies, voices, minds, and emotions to express their ideas and original creations. This program is physically active, introduces students to literary concepts, and offers them opportunities to get silly through improvisational theatre! Supplies: paper, pencil, open space for movement

3-5: Stick Puppets with Noah McLain Philpot

Students will create original characters through the visual art of puppetry. In this lesson, students will use materials like paper, cardboard, and pencils to create a series of stick puppets. They will then learn to perform with these unique creations, creating voices and stories for each character. This module teaches theatre and visual arts while touching on language arts and writing skills.  Supplies: paper, cardboard, pencil, eraser, coloring supplies, and sticks (pencils, chopsticks, stick from a tree, etc.) 

6-8: Broadway Dance with Pamela Lehan Siegel

Students will get active as they learn the dynamic movements of Broadway dance, set to exciting and fun music. Students will be introduced to energizing and accessible choreography as they work toward a final performance routine in each lesson. This program supports physical education needs while introducing students to an exciting and creative form of dance. Supplies: movement clothes, open space, water