Introducing Lane Arts Council’s livestream arts instruction program, ArtStream. Lane Arts Council has provided arts education programming for over 40 years, and through ArtStream, will move to provide online arts instruction for schools, teachers, and families during the 2020-21 school year. ArtStream offers Kindergarten through 8th grade students virtual visual, literary, and performing arts lessons taught by Oregon teaching artists.

This dynamic, engaging, and innovative curriculum supports distance learning for elementary and middle school age learners. Every week students will have access to new arts lessons that invigorate distance learning through accessible, hands-on instruction.

ArtStream supports academic goals by offering the following benefits for distance learning curriculum:

1. Mental Health and Wellbeing: in addition to the wellness benefits inherent in arts learning, every ArtStream lesson will include a moment of guided breathing, visualization, or reflection to promote greater self-regulation and wellness in students.

2. Physical Health: performing arts programs will get students up and moving, guiding them in physical exercise from wherever they learn.

3. Core Curriculum Reinforcement: visual arts instruction will teach at least one core subject state standard (math, science, language arts, social studies) in addition to arts standards.

4. Curriculum Differentiation: separate livestream sessions will be designated for each age group to ensure students are engaged and challenged with each arts lesson.

Check out ArtStream sample lessons!

View the ArtStream Preview: West African Dance for grades 6-8 HERE

View the ArtStream Preview: Make Your Own Modeling Dough for grades K-2 HERE

How It Works