Tina Rinaldi (President)
Tina has been working at the University of Oregon since 2001. She holds an MA in Arts Management and Museum Studies and a BA with Honors in Art History from the University of Oregon, along with numerous certifications in nonprofit management. She has served on the Board of Directors for Oregon Crafted, Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene, Arts Foundation of Western Oregon, Lane County Cultural Coalition, the Hult Endowment Committee, and was the Chair of the Mayor’s Cultural Policy Review Committee. Tina recognizes the importance of arts policy and advocacy and enjoys serving as a spokesperson for the value of the arts in the life of individuals and the community. She has been a resident of Eugene for the past 25 years.

John Park (Vice President)
John is a Senior Instructor of Art & Technology at the U of O and a co-founder of the Eugene-based interdisciplinary arts collective Harmonic Laboratory. With one foot in arts education and the other in creating collaborative art installations and performance, John aspires to work with community partners to enrich the arts in Eugene. As a native Oregonian and an alumni of the Eugene public school system, he is excited to contribute to the ArtCore program and shepherd the return of Arts to local schools in our county.

Julie Anderson Bailey (Secretary)
Julie is a 5th generation Oregonian who grew up in Eugene and a full time artist and volunteer focusing on the intersection of art, technology and community engagement. She spent 15 years in product development, business development and marketing in the tech industry at Hewlett Packard, HP Inc. and several startups. Before that, she put her her BFA and BA in English to good use running her own art studio, and as an art gallery manager, a drama teacher, and a professional writer and blogger. She is on the advisory board for the