Tina Rinaldi (President)
Tina has been working at the University of Oregon since 2001. She holds an MA in Arts Management and Museum Studies and a BA with Honors in Art History from the University of Oregon, along with numerous certifications in nonprofit management. She has served on the Board of Directors for Oregon Crafted, Arts & Business Alliance of Eugene, Arts Foundation of Western Oregon, Lane County Cultural Coalition, the Hult Endowment Committee, and was the Chair of the Mayor’s Cultural Policy Review Committee. Tina recognizes the importance of arts policy and advocacy and enjoys serving as a spokesperson for the value of the arts in the life of individuals and the community. She has been a resident of Eugene for the past 25 years.

Jess Hampton (Vice President)
Jess is currently the Nonprofit Learning Programs Manager at the Nonprofit Association of Oregon and a lifelong Oregonian. Jess has worked in the nonprofit sector in various capacities for over 20 years; as a nonprofit volunteer, cooperative finance manager, program and curriculum developer, leadership trainer and facilitator, program evaluator, board member of various nonprofits, nonprofit consultant and project manager. She earned her graduate degree in Nonprofit Management from the University of Oregon and strives to provide practical resources and tools that benefit nonprofit organizations that are so crucial to the heart of our state. In her personal time, Jess enjoys adventuring around Oregon with her family, playing board games and trying to teach their dog, Barbara Anne, new tricks!

Laura King (Secretary)
Laura is a graduate student at the University of Oregon pursuing her Master of Nonprofit Management with a focus in Arts Management and Museum Studies. During her five years in Eugene, she has served as a program coordinator for Tropical Contemporary, an artist collective and organization focused on providing exhibition opportunities to emerging and diverse artists. Laura co-developed an artist in residency program called the Transformation Residency with local nonprofit TransPonder, which provides workspace and stipends for trans and gender diverse Oregon artists. In her own art practice, she is an avid painter and has exhibited locally and in Seattle, Portland, and Nashville. Laura is dedicated to inclusive practices within the arts, building community art initiatives, and the professional development of artists.

Sherry Schaefers (Treasurer)
Lane County became home when Sherry relocated here, for a job, in 1995.  She is a Colorado State University graduate and owns a State Farm Agency in Eugene.  Sherry, and her husband, have four children and recently became homeowners on the McKenzie River.  Actively engaged in various community organizations, Sherry is honored to serve on the Lane Arts Council Board where she hopes to make a difference.

Cindy Chan
The first job Cindy had after college was a manager at a cultural arts center in Hong Kong. Since then, she has been an enthusiastic performing arts fan and at times a contemporary dance performer herself. Cindy holds a BA in English and an MFA in Dance with a focus on dance education, from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, respectively. Later in her career, after spending over 15 years in advertising as a creative director and copywriter, Cindy channeled her creative energy into dance education and general education. She moved to Eugene in 2015 with her husband and two daughters to be close to family. In Eugene, she continues to bring dance to children and the community through working as a dance teaching artist and leading family dance workshops. Currently, she is working at the Chinese Immersion School in the Eugene School District 4J as an educational assistant, where she seizes every opportunity to create space for the students to deepen their learning through fun and engaging creative dance.

Donald R. Dexter, Jr.
Donald R. Dexter, Jr. is a Modoc and enrolled member of the Klamath Tribes of Southern Oregon. A local dentist and Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, Don has a broad range of interests beyond dental sleep medicine. He is passionate about the arts, particularly photography, architecture, and the design world. For over 25 years, Don has supported the arts and artists in Lane County with curated photography shows and holiday photography markets in his dental practice. He is also known for his R0 Prayer Flag projects and photography project Eugene: From Holga with Love, where 21 local business owners and community members shot a roll of film using a medium format Holga camera. Don is working on a documentary, Modoc: Endeavor to Persevere, about the Modoc War and Modoc people. Visit Don’s quarterly photography shows and art projects at art.drdexter.com.

Rachel Knighten
Rachel has been a Spanish instructor at Lane Community College since 2018. Prior to that, she was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. While in Wisconsin, Rachel was involved in the local performing arts community through dance and as the parent of two youth musicians. She served on multiple boards related to education and the arts in Appleton, WI. She was also a regular cast member of the local annual productions of The Nutcracker, a major community collaboration with professional and youth musical ensembles, and guest artists. She currently serves as a CASA of Lane County and looks forward to being a member of the Lane Arts Council Board.

Michael Jones
Michael is a video game Sound Designer and composer. Michael came to Eugene in 2008 to work for Pipeworks Studio, and has since become very active in Eugene’s game development, tech, and entrepreneurship communities. A co-founder and co-organizer of Bitforest, he helps extend opportunities for people to pursue game development through workshops, game jams, meet-ups, and hosting the yearly Indie Game Con event every fall. A musician for 32 years, Michael has a passion for the arts and is excited to represent videogame creators to show how the arts are critical to game development, and how game design thinking can revolutionize other industries looking to innovate.

Tom McElroy
New board member and Eugene resident, Tom McElroy is a time-based digital media artist practicing under the name Atomic Elroy. His video, installation, and performance work has appeared in numerous museums, galleries, and festivals in the U.S. and abroad, including: CREATIVETIME, New York, NY, The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Supernova Festival, Denver Digerati and The San Francisco Fringe Festival, VIEWMASTER, Maastricht Netherlands, Talking Birds, Coventry UK, The Cork Film Festival, Cork IR. He started his career in theatre direction and stage management in Colorado. As Director of Performing Arts at The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center, he developed The Play Factory a touring Children’s Theatre, and founded the Fine Arts Center Rep Theatre Company in 1990. While in Colorado he spent decades Self-Producing, Directing and Curating contemporary art spaces and experimental theatre projects. He also sat on the board of The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Univ. of Colorado, and The Da Vinci String Quartet. He has a new hobby dabbling in electronic music and modular synthesizers, and currently operates Atomic Gnome Studio, aDigital Media Art Studio in Eugene. 

Joe Moore
Joe is a University of Oregon graduate and Bend, Oregon native turned local architect and City of Eugene Public Art Committee Chair. Immersed in arts and education while growing up in a teaching family, he continues to pursue the arts through personal practice and public service.  He especially appreciates the ability of the arts to foster community through creative expression and shared experience.  Joe is an advocate for youth, temporary, and public arts, and he hopes Lane County will continue to emerge as a leader in these areas.  He is happy to support the Lane Arts Council as a steward and entrepreneur in arts education and community arts.

Glenn Newland
Glenn is an avid photographer, starting at age thirteen, when he developed his first black and white photo. He studied film and photography at Webster College in Missouri, where he received a bachelor’s degree in media studies. He met his wife, Amy, in a community choir in San Francisco. Amy and Glenn have been singing in community choirs ever since, crisscrossing the country from San Francisco (where their son, Oliver, was born) to Miami to Los Angeles and finally relocating to Eugene in November 2020, where they now sing with the Eugene Concert Choir and Vocal Arts. Professionally, Glenn has worked in a variety of positions in the motion picture industry at companies such as Technicolor and IMAX. Throughout his career he managed small and large staffs on the technical, financial, and post-production side of filmmaking. He has been an active member of multiple volunteer organizations including the Nova Singers in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the Association of Independent Commercial Producers, Film Florida, The Giant Screen Cinema Association, and the National Educational Film & Video Festival in Oakland, CA. Before leaving Southern California, Glenn volunteered with the Burbank Cultural Arts Commission and, most recently has volunteered with Lane County Public Health in support of multiple mass vaccination clinics and the Community Supported Shelters organization.  Glenn is passionate about learning about and encouraging new artists and promoting the arts in support of a more unified community.

Celeste Peterson
Celeste is the Director of People Development at Palo Alto Software, where she is dedicated to helping people succeed at work, which dovetails with the company’s mission to help people succeed in business. She’s a servant leadership advocate and coach, recruiter, a cultivator of company culture, champion of corporate social responsibility, and is at the ready to meet the ever-changing needs of the Palo Alto Software team. Her background in the arts, customer service, team management, and motherhood translates into a leadershi