Educator Professional Development 2021 Workshop Series

Lane Arts Council is offering a series of professional development workshops for teachers and educators focusing on creative instructional, student support, and student development strategies. This is the newest programmatic element of our Creative Link arts integration program, focused on providing teachers the essential tools to bring creative engagement strategies into their classrooms and learning environments. Check out the opportunities below!

Social Emotional Reflection through Somatics & Art

with Ash Canty

February 24th, 3:30-4:30pm

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Explore new ways to encourage students to express their inner landscape and emotional well being through a series of regular check ins. Ash will guide participants in activities that invite the sharing of feelings through art, somatics, and creative exploration. These tools will help teachers become more in tune with the needs of their students and facilitate ways to support their well being in this time of COVID-19 and beyond. Attendees will tune in with themselves, access tools for both expressive and body-based check ins, and gain an understanding of how to prompt expression and reflection in classroom environments.

Ash Canty (they/them) is a Black, Queer, Non-binary Being. They have taught social emotional learning programs in schools in the Bay Area for youth as well as facilitated council work and grief ritual spaces for adults.  They are a spoken word artist, mixed media painter, Black lives activist, death walker, and spirit medium. They are on fire about bringing individuals back into their bodies and using art as a vehicle for creative expression, healing, and change.  They walk in living prayer with their ancestors and carry their West African roots close to their heart.

Engaging Learning through Student Choice

with Amy Albrecht

March 9th, 3:30-4:30pm

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In this workshop, we will discuss what is and is not student choice. After a brief review of education theory combined with anecdotal real-world experiences in the classroom, we will unpack successful strategies for implementing effective academic choices into your core curriculums or even your daily lesson plans. Not only will we examine the theory and practice behind student choice, but actively turn this knowledge into praxis by using some participant lesson plans as a foundation to build upon. Using these lesson plans, we will workshop multiple ways to incorporate effective student choice into your classroom. The goal is to provide you with examples of choice as well as personal feedback so that you might walk away with more dynamic and creative engagement strategies, assessments, and checks for understanding that serve you as well as all of your diverse learners.

Amy Albrecht (she/her) is a painter and mixed media artist as well as an arts educator living and working in Eugene, Oregon. While she is deeply interested in the human condition her artwork often focuses on the connection between people, society, and the natural world. In recent years Amy has concentrated her imagery on Pacific Northwest scenes as she is inspired by her own experience and adventures out in the mountains around Oregon. Both as a student and teacher who has always struggled with perfection, Amy focuses her teachings and instructions on the importance of process over product. While working in a classroom of students, her main goal is to empower children through art and emphasize practice and exploration over perfection.

Cultivating Creativity for our Students and Ourselves through the Studio Habits of Mind

with Betsy Wolfston & Lauren Suveges

March 31st, 3-5pm